Official sponsors of the 2012 First Annual Charm City Pole Show!

Aloha Polers and Pole Supporters!  We are very proud to announce that we were a Official sponsor of the First Annual 2012 Charm City Pole Show put on by the Baltimore Pole Addicts!


We sent over some Just Pole love for the featured performers as well as the raffle:)

Hope everyone loved their Just Pole goods!  If you are interested in becoming apart of the next Charm City Pole Show please check out their website at

According to the wonderful makers of the Charm City Pole Show, they were able to raise $3,200 for the Tri-Harder Triathlon Club of Baltimore which is a 501(c)3 organization that trains both men and women who struggle with addiction to compete in triathlons!  What a great ending to an awesome show!

Again, if you want anything to do with this great event in the future, please go to their website above and inquire:).

Have a great day!

Posted on November 11, 2012 .