Fitness Friday's: Push ups!!!

Aloha Polers and Pole Supporters!  It's Fitness Friday's and today's topic .... Push ups!!

Yay for Push ups!!!  This is another move that we all LOVE to HATE because it hurts so good and we know that they have many benefits.....but what are those benefits???  Push ups help in many ways when done correctly.

Benefits of Push ups:

  • They will help in building strength:)
  • Can increase metabolism:)
  • Most important, build your core strength:)
These are just some of the benefits but my fav's!!!  When doing a push up we need to remember that if is hurts, DO NOT DO IT!  There are so many different forms of Push ups and everyone is different.  Some of us have previous wrist injuries and some of us have never done a Push up in our lives.  regardless, there are ways to work around everyone's injuries, etc to make it happen:)!  A Standard Push up starts with the palms of both hands flat on the floor right outside of your shoulders.  Depending on your strength, they can be done with your knees on the floor or just your toes.  From the floor or starting position, you will need to use your upper body strength to Push your body weight up making sure to engage your core (engaging the core will help a lot!).  When Pushing up, try not to hyper extend your arms to prevent injury.  Keep them soft and not locked either.  After you have pushed your way up, slowly with control bring yourself back down also engaging your core to help prevent injury.  That's it!  usually when doing Push ups you would do however many sets or how ever many Push ups but if you are a beginner I would suggest to do as many as you can for one set and really push yourself!    Important things to remember:

  • Listen to your body:)
  • Always engage your core:)
  • Keep your body straight throughout the Push up keeping your butt down and in line with your body:)
  • If it hurts, modify or change hand positions:)
Get your Push up on and have a great weekend!!

Posted on October 19, 2012 .