Fitness Friday's: Importance of Stretching!

Aloha Polers and Pole Supporters!!  It's Fitness Friday's and although it doesn't seem like it have anything to do with fitness our subject for today is the Importance of Stretching!

Stretching is a VERY IMPORTANT part of working out for many different reasons!  With adding stretching into your workouts before and after that focus on all major muscle groups you will get more out of your workout as well as decrease the pain afterwards;)!

Stretching will increase your flexibility and by increasing your flexibility you will be increasing your physical performance during exercise strengthening yourself against injuries in and out of the workout.  By adding stretching into your daily workout you are helping yourself from suffering when you age:)!  Stretching also helps with increasing your blood flow to your muscles which then helps prevent your muscles from tiring so quickly too!  

The proper way to get your stretch on before your workout is to do a light warm up to get your muscles warmed before stretching them.  Stretching muscles when they are cold is no good!  For example, if you are planning on running , do a light jog until your feeling warm, stop and do some stretches to the major muscles groups and continue your run.  You probably already see a lot of runners do this because they know the importance of stretching:)!

So, get your stretch on and see the benefits hands on!  Have a great weekend:)

Posted on October 26, 2012 .