2012 California Pole Dance Championships!!!

Aloha Polers and Pole Supporters!!

So far, even though it just started, October has been a busy week for Pole!  Love it!!  Just in from the United Pole Artist are the results of the California Pole Dance Championships!!  Congratulations and great job to all who danced their cute lil' butts off!  The following are the results:

2012 California Pole Dance Championship Professional Category Winners:

1st Place:  NADIA SHARIFF!!
2nd Place:  Mary Kolacinski!
3rd Place:  Sergia Louise Anderson!

Most Athletic:  Nadia Shariff!
Most Flexible:  Sergia Louise Anderson!
Most Entertaining:  Nadia Shariff!
Most Artistic:  Mary Kolacinski!

2012 California Pole Dance Championship Amateur Category Winners:

1st Place:  Lily Huang!
2nd Place:  Stacey Craven!
3rd Place:  Uyen Hoang!

Congratulations winners!  Well deserved!  

Have a great and Pole-i-ful day!

Posted on October 9, 2012 .