Tippy Thursday's: Stay Hydrated!!

Aloha Polers, it's Thursday!!!!  This week's Tippy Thursday's tip is to stay hydrated!!

We all know that Pole is a great work out and we can get out sweat on for the day while having an awesome time!!  Well, we still need to remember to stay hydrated while doing so.  I know for a fact and from experience that a lot of us, even while doing other fitness formats, tend  to forget about hydration throughout the workout and tank some water afterwards.  Big NO NO!  By staying hydrated throughout the workout you are helping your body maintain itself better.  Because you are sweating (and I know sometimes it doesn't seem like you are by your body is;) ) and water is leaving your systems (more likely taking away some toxins as well!) you need to replace it:).  Not only is water there for hydration but it is also extremely good for you in so many ways!!  Here are a couple of reasons why water is so good for you:

  1. If you drink water 30 minutes before a meal it will make you feel fuller therefore lowering your calorie intake:)
  2. It also minimizes the chances of colon cancer by 45%, breast cancer by 75% and bladder cancer by 50%!!!!
  3. It maintains the volume and viscosity of blood, which prevents blood thickening and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases like hypertension and heart attacks:)
  4. It flushes out toxins through urination and sweat!:)
  5. Helps maintain the health of your digestion system:)
Keep water by your side all the time and nourish your body with it;)!!!  Love your body so it can take better care of you!!  Have a great Thursday and hopefully see you tomorrow at the Las Vegas Pole Expo!!!!!!

Posted on September 6, 2012 .