Just Pole Las Vegas Expo Raffle Winner: Dee!

Aloha Polers and Pole Supporters!!!  It;s Monday and yes still more recap:)!  Over the glorious Las Vegas Pole Expo weekend Just Pole decided to decided to do a raffle for our wonderful customers.  The raffle was for $200 worth of Just Pole Apparel & Goodies as shown below:

Sorry for the blurriness, phone picture:)
We had MANY people enter into the raffle with some people entering up to 10 raffle tickets to people only entering one!  We were glad to announce our winner of the Just Pole Las Vegas Expo Raffle....Dee!

Dee's in the middle sporting all her goods:)!
She was very excited and kept saying, "I never win anything!!!"  Well Gurl, you did!  We were all very excited for her and we hope she's enjoying all her Just Pole goods!

Make sure to visit us at the next Expo or Convention we are at for your chance to win goodies too!!!!!

Posted on September 24, 2012 .