Fiyastarta's ATL Booty Clap Workshop!!!

Aloha Polers and Pole Lovers:)

The Las Vegas Pole Expo was not only filled with workshops on the pole and on the floor........along with Marlo's A$$ Class there was the FREE workshop with Fiyastarta....the ATL Booty Clap Workshop!!!

This workshop was extremely fun to be a part of and watch:)  Again, there so many things that can be done with your Booty and the Booty classes feature all of those things!  Fiyastarta did just that and got that fiya started on everyone's booty!!  There were so many things taught but the highlight of the workshop was actually seeing them in action!!!  It was inspiring:)!  I don't want o give too much away just know that this is not only super fun but it is a great workout!  What better way to workout than while you are having a blast!!  Get the ATL Booty Clap DVD to werk and twerk it;)!  It can be found and also is worth every penny!

Start off you weekend with a round of Booty Clap's!!
Posted on September 14, 2012 .