Alethea Austin's Floorwork!!!

Aloha Polers and Pole Supporters!  More recap on the Las Vegas Pole Expo........and Floorwork with Alethea Austin it is!!!

We were honored to actually take Alethea Austin's Floorwork Workshop to get hands on tips and 3d viewing of how to do some of her speciality Floorwork moves!  Her Floorwork and Sexy Essential DVD's are AWESOME but having her right in front of you and answering questions and giving constructive criticism is even better!!  Not only did she go over a bunch of her signature Floorwork moves but she also went over her break down of Body Waves and Rolls on the floor as well:)!  It was great that she took each move demonstrated it, broke it down and then went through it with us:).  After she saw that everyone kind of got the hang of it she walked around and further helped each person.  She also made sure to provide sexy ways to get into each move and also sexy ways to get out, we all know we usually just plop out of the moves but it's nice to see our options;)!  She went over her signature move such as the above move in the photo which turns into a split over the shoulder (may fav!) as well as Barrel Body Rolls and her oh so sexy Fish Flop!  She showed us so much more and I tell you, I feel a lot more confident doing all of these moves on my own now that I know I am doing them correctly.  Moves such as the Candle Stick and Ass on a Platter are very scary to get into on your own but she broke them down really well to where I feel a lot more comfy trying them at home by myself:)!

If you ever have a chance to take Alethea's Floorwork Workshop do it!  it is very beneficial and as Alethea says, this can help build your foundation for pole work as it did for her:).  When doing all the Floorwork you need to learn how to control each move and when you slow it down you will need that control and core even MORE!  That's why Alethea is so HOT!  If you cannot make her Floorwork Workshop anytime soon, go to her website and get her Floorwork and Sexy Essentials DVD Set to spice up your Pole routine and work on your core in a very sexy way;)!

Have a Sexy Thursday and more recaps to come!!
Posted on September 13, 2012 .