Tippy Thursday's: Flexibility!

Aloha Polers, it's Thursday!!!

This week's Tippy Thursday's Tip is on Flexibility!  Flexibility is such a huge and very important aspect in Pole Fitness and you wouldn't know that until getting into it!  flexibility is also one of the hardest things to gain which takes a lot of dedication and time.

If you have never worked on your Flexibility or haven't really had stretching as part of your daily routine than it's about time to get it added!!!  When it comes to stretching and working on your Flexibility, it is VERY IMPORTANT to not push yourself too hard because this can definitely lead to pain and even injuries that can keep you from the pole!  When starting off with stretching and working Flexibility training into your routine, always start off at the point where you are at.  If you decide to start off by taking a beginners Yoga class remember to focus on you and not Miss Bendability next to you with her two feet back up around her head!  Everyone is different and has had or has not had experience in stretching and Flexibility.  Keep that in mind and stay where you are at and if you feel comfortable in that stretch intensify it a little by going deeper.  If you have the time, to tremendously change and improve your Flexibility about one hour a day is best.  Everyone doesn't have time for one hour of Flexibility training so however you can fit it in do it!  Here are some stretching and Flexibility training tips:

  1. The best time to really stretching and train for flexibility is after a hot shower of when your muscles are nice and warm.  When your body is still cold you are more prone to injury so keep this in mind.  
  2. While stretching and during your Flexibility training, keep hydrated!  This is very important as well.  Although you don't feel like you should be drinking water it is important because during Flexibility training you are getting a workout....you will know this once you get started;)!
  3. A good mat or good flooring is always a good idea when you are stretching.
  4. Make sure to breath!  Focus on your breathing as this will more likely take your mind off the 'feeling' or 'sensations' going through your body when intensely stretching.
  5. Stay positive!  Again, if you are starting off and are no progressing quickly, keep it up!  Gaining Flexibility can take a while depending on when you started, how extensive of a background you may have, etc.  So, this will not be immediate fir everyone.  You will get there will hard work and dedication;)!
If you have NO IDEA where to start, starting off in a beginners Yoga class is ideal because there is a trained instructor there that can catch any mistakes before forming them yourself.  Once you feel comfortable you can move on to your own personal training.  There are also a lot of different Flexibility training DVD's that you can utilize such as Felix Cane's Flexibility DVD within her DVD set, Alethea Austin has a couple, and much more!

So, get your Flexibility on and stay positive!!!

Posted on August 30, 2012 .