Tippy Thursday's: Be Patient!

Aloha Polers, it's Thursday!!!

This week's Tippy Thursday's Tip is to be patient!  Sounds simple enough but can be one of the hardest things to do!  When you first start anything new project or workout you want to be awesome at it right away.  Because we normally feel this way we automatically push ourselves pretty hard and sometimes pass the level we should have stopped at.  From experience, I now that being patience is not only a virtue but will help you learn things the proper and correct way.  When you rush yourself to learn anything you will not learn all that should be learned and will learn some and more shortcuts to get to the finish.  That is not good!  Being patient and making sure you yourself have it (whatever it is in the situation) down before moving on to the next level with make you a stronger and more knowledgeable person for that.  This does go for anything in life from school work to pole dancing!  Don't you worry your pretty lil` face off, your time will come!  Rushing may cause you injury either right away or even long term when it comes to fitness.

Whatever it is you are doing, make sure to believe in yourself and be patient because when you have the motivation you will get to that place you want to be:)!

Have a great Thursday:)!
Posted on August 16, 2012 .