Polefessional Saturday's: Zoraya Judd!!!

Aloha Polers, it's Saturday!!!

This week's Polefessional is Zoraya Judd!

Zoraya is such a positive, motivational and inspirational Polefessional with such a warmness to her!  She gives the best hugs too!!!  She is a mother as well as an instructor with years of personal training and teaching experience.  After becoming an instructor, Zoraya was entered into the first ever Utah Pole Competition without even knowing it with 2 weeks to train for it!  When she found out she was entered into this competition she freaked out!  With only the 2 weeks to train she trained like she has never trained losing skin on her knees!  Zoraya went on to win first place in the advanced division in the first ever competition!  She then took off from there receiving her Pro status at her next competition and then becoming apart of Zen Arts.  Zoraya also has become known as one of the top ten pole dancers in the world after winning the International Pole Art Championships in 2011.  She is such an accomplished woman that motivates so many to reach for their goals.  As Zoraya says, "Find something you are passionate about and CONQUER IT."

When we meet Zoraya at the 2012 International Pole Convention the first thing she did was give us the best hug ever!  She showed so much appreciation of our support for her which is what we were trying to do because she has (even though we have never meet) motivated us in many ways!  She was such a sweetie and very down to earth!  I haven't had the pleasure of taking a workshop from her but hope I will in the future!

Have a great Saturday!

Posted on August 25, 2012 .