Polefessional Saturday's: Marlo Fisken!

Aloha Saturday!!!

This week's Polefessional is Marlo Fisken!!!

Marlo Fisken......is one word..... AWESOME!!  Marlo is one of those people that you immediately fall in love with because she has so many great qualities about her.  She is a Champion Polefessional, beautiful aerial artist, knowledgeable Xpole Xpert Trainer, gorgeous model, instructor, and not to mention someone with a great personality!  As a Polefessional, Marlo is one of those that can rock any song thrown at her and portray whatever the song is saying perfectly.  She reeks sexiness even when there is humor involved and most importantly can entertain anyone while looking like she is extremely passionate about what she is doing.  Of course, all this awesomeness can't just be in someone.  She worked hard for what she has and where she is at right now and boy does it show!  Here is a little bio from her website (http://www.marlofisken.com/):

Marlo Fisken exemplifies healthy living as a media personality, teacher, and performer. As the face of Fitness Quest's Pilates Power Gym, and the Red Exerciser system, she stars in several of the accompanying workout DVDs. She is a frequent representative of The Sports Club/ LA Rockefeller Center, appearing on MSNBC "Staying Fit for the Holidays" segments and New York's CW11 "Monday Morning Workout". In 2006, Bally Total Fitness featured Marlo as one of five "Top Trainers" in a national commercial as she led a client on a 30-day fitness challenge.
Eight health club chains, including Crunch, New York Sports Club, and The University of Miami have asked Marlo to custom design group exercise formats. She is an NSCA/AAAI certified personal trainer and ACE group exercise instructor who stays on top of developments in the fitness industry. She shares the joy of exercise and the to whenever possible and raises funds for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation as an instructor for Shape magazine's Pilates for Pink event.

Marlo's Mind/Body study is extensive; she began her Pilates education in high school at the Governor's School For the Arts Dance Department under master students of Romana Kryzanowska. She is Pilates-certified by the Kane School of Core Integration, a holistic Body college that supplements anatomical and kinesthetic knowledge into the classical Pilates genre. Advanced studies led her to examine the foot's role in core function with dance medicine pioneer Marie Jose Blom-Lawrence, how breath establishes the mind-body connection with Yogi Rodney Yee, and the writings of Eric Frankel on movement imagery.

Marlo has a particular interest in energetic lengthening techniques. She attends Sue Hitzman's MELT (Myofascial Energetic Lengthening Technique) workshops and is a yoga student of Dharma Mittra and Laughing Lotus NY. Years of practice have led her to perform as a contortionist for Perrier Water live events.

Marlo has a B.S in anthropology and public relations from the University of Miami. Her studies focused on human movement, nutrition, and communication. While in college, Marlo toured as hip-hop dancer with Nike and BMG Latin artists, alternating weeks of research and teaching with shows in the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. She has performed in the MTV Video, Music awards, VH1 fashion rocks, music videos, and industrials. At the National High School Dance festival she lead a course on conditioning for dancers entitled "Strength & Grace" and presented club dance styles at the South Beach International Dance festival. Since July of 2007, she was cast as a dancer in the feature film "Bolden", choreographed by Hinton Battle (Dreamgirls, Idlewild), to be released next year, modeled for Hanes, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Nike Golf, and Runner's World Magazine's "Women's Complete Book of Running".

In the past couple of years Marlo has caused a stir teaching and performing acrobatic and artistic pole dance. She graced the cover of AM NY under the headline "From Risque to Ripped", danced on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and during NY Fashion Week show. With over 20 years of Dance and Acrobatic experience, she challenges what is physically possible. Both supple and strong, she has a tenacity for extreme moves that require total presence of mind. As a teacher, this practice enables her to cue intuitively and gratefully empower others.

We had the privilege to be taught be Marlo when we took our Xpole Xpert Certification Training at the past International Pole Convention.  She was a great teacher and definitely knew her stuff!  You could tell she has had more than just pole experience which helps in teaching pole because there are so many other elements that can be added to learning and strengthening for pole.  It was great how Marlo always emphasized, "Squeeze your glutes!" for almost every move we did lol!  Marlo is an awesome polefessional and person who has never ending knowledge about fitness, pole and other things as well. If you have not heard of Marlo You Tube her you will fall in love!  if you have not taken a class from Marlo take a class you will fall in love with her!!!  Can you tell I LOVE her lol!

Have a great Saturday and as Marlo would say, "Squeeze your glutes!"

Posted on August 4, 2012 .