What's in the Pole World News Wednesday's: IPSF World Pole Championships 2012!!

Aloha Wednesday!!

This week's What's in the Pole World News topic is the IPSF!  IPSF stands for the International Pole Sports Federation!  The IPSF just had their World Pole Sport Championship in London thought up by the legendary KT Coates as well as some other great members of the IPSF!  According to KT the event was AWESOME and there were 60 competitors from 25 different countries!  KT's decision to organize this competition came from her petition to support Pole in the Olympics she created 5 years ago.  She says that about 7,000 people signed the petition from all over the world which is definitely believable!  From there she got together with some other awesome people to create the IPSF.  From creating the IPSF, she and all the members saw that there were no Pole Competitions that compared or were really similar to the olympics. This is where they made it happen:)!  The World World Pole Sport Championships was a competition where they had qualifications, invited the top 2 winners from each competition, stage was set for a competition and not a performance and the judges were trained on what to judge on and wore uniforms!  Sounds pretty darn close to how the olympics are huh?!?!  So, as KT says, this competition definitely made history in the Pole World as well as the Fitness world in general!  KT also says that this competition will definitely be back next year!!!  So, yes this was a competition and yes there were winners.  Who were these winners you ask........  here they are!:

Women's Single Champion Winners:

1st - Natalia Tatarintseva (Ukraine)

Men's Single Champion Winner:

1st - Evgeny Greshilov (Russia)
1st - Ruth Mansfield & Tiffany Downes  (Australia)
All competitors were beautiful!!!  To read up more on the competition go to IPSF's main site at:

Regardless, if you support Pole in the Olympics or not keep supporting Pole and what it has done for you:)

Have a great Wednesday:)

Posted on July 25, 2012 .