What's in the Pole World News Wednesdays: Pole Fitness in the Olympics?

Aloha Pole Lovers & Supporters!

We all know either from our own experience or word of mouth that Pole Fitness is not only a great and fun way to get your fitness on but can also be very rigorous and intense at times depending on what your goals are and if you are a competitor.  You may or may not have heard but there are talks of getting Pole Fitness in the Olympics!!!  We as Pole Dancers for fitness and Pole Dance Supporters know why this has been suggested but the rest of the world doesn't understand why anyone would even suggest it simply because they are stuck with the image of pole dancing only in strip clubs.  Day by day, whether or not we are trying to, we are all spreading the word about Pole Dancing for Fitness and changing the majorities thought of it.  Keep doing what you are doing and slowly but surely the minds of all the majority will change and everyone will know just why and how Pole Fitness could stand a chance in the Olympics if you are or are not a supporter of Pole Fitness as an Olympic Sport:)  If you compare the other gymnastic sports in the olympics to Pole Fitness you will see just how similar they really are.  Read more about what's in the news for Pole Dancing as an Olympic sport by going to these 2 links:

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Mai Sato, International Pole Dancing Fitness Champion and supporter of Pole Dance as an Olympic Sport.

Please Pole Addicts, Pole Lovers and Pole Supporters, keep sharing your love for Pole Dance for Fitness and help the majority understand just what we do;)  Have a great Wednesday everyone and Pole on!!!!
Posted on July 11, 2012 .