Technique Tuesday's: Body Wave!!!

Aloha Tuesday!!!

This week's Technique Tuesday's move is the Body Wave!!!

We love us some Body Waves;)!  Not only are Body Waves super sexy but they are also a workout in themselves and a great stretch all at the same time!!  The Body Wave is one of the most versatile moves in Pole Dance because there are literally thousands of ways you can do them feet on the ground, feet in the air, on the floor, in a climb, on the wall, etc.  Although this may be one of the most awkward moves to learn once you get the hang of it you will love it!  We will show you a basic Body Wave and once you get this Body Wave down add your own flavor and work it from different angles, different heights, big and small whatever floats your boat:)!  Let's do this!

Start facing the pole on your cute lil' tippy toes and your feet wider than hip width apart:)  You don't want to be too close to the pole yet you don't want to be too far either.  Pick a comfortable spot somewhere in the middle.

Place your hands at chest height in the hand shake grip.

Like a wave starting with your head or chest slowly imagine like you are licking the pole with your body one body part at a time.  Meaning, starting from the head or chest, push your head towards the pole, the chest, torso, hips, pelvis then sit.  Repeat a million times..jk:)  After pushing your head towards the pole start to move your head back away from the pole while your chest is pushed towards the pole and then follow through with the rest of your body.

This can definitely get awkward when first learning it in a room filled with other women!  But, the great thing about the Body Wave is that you can do it anywhere!!!  It may be a bit different but same concept.  You can use the pillar in the middle of the house, the wall, anything that's stable enough to hold your weight.  Now, don't get to crazy with this and try going really fast right away.  Start slow and once your body is used to the movement you can play with the speed, angles, height, one hand, hair flips and whips, tracing, etc.

Well, have fun polers and Body Wave the day away;)!!!
Posted on July 24, 2012 .