Motivational Monday's: Workout Buddy:)!

Aloha Monday!!

This weeks Motivational Monday's topic is Workout Buddies!!!

We all know how important regular exercise is in our daily routines yet we lack the motivation to get it in at all!  Especially when you are just getting back into the routine of working out it can be REALLY HARD to find the motivation to get your workout on.  Once you start working out and get past that point of, "Ugh, I have to work out!" you are good to go!  But until then, find yourself a Workout Buddy!  As Workout Buddies you can help motivate each other to get that workout off the checklist for the day.

Why should you get a Workout Buddy?  Workout Buddies are awesome and helpful because:

  1. They will be there to verbally motivate you when you are in a rut.
  2. They unintentionally motivate you by just being there.
  3. They provide helpful tips from another point of view.
  4. They as well as you have the same goal in mind.
  5. They like you would not do it if it weren't for the other!
  6. And much more!!!
Workout Buddies are a great way to get yourselves back in the game and provide that extra motivation and push to get the workout done as well as to progressively get better at your workouts!

Find yourself a Workout Buddy and get your workout's on!!

Have a great Monday:)
Posted on July 23, 2012 .